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Winx bought life back to the race track.

To watch the crowds dressed in her blue and white, laughing, with tears in their eyes, love in their hearts all for her as she graced the track. We are so lucky to have been able to share in this once in a lifetime experience for us and her fans that lover her as we do.

Winx, just saying her name evokes so many wonderful memories of her determination & will to win producing amazing feats.

A stand out memory for me though was standing beside the Rosehill track on Media mornings. You would see the blue blinking light on Hugh’s cap coming through the black sky, hear Winx’s rhythmical breathing & whoosh she ran past you. This sent tingles up my spine.

To see how Winx was embraced and loved not by just the punters but people all around the world who normally wouldn’t give racing a thought - well I still have to pinch myself that I’m one of the owners.

It’s been a dream and a joy. Winx in my opinion is the greatest race horse ever. Her achievements and records will stand for quite a time I have no doubt. And now she is thriving in retirement and my family and I are looking forward to her being a mum and meeting her foal.

Awards & Achievements

37 Career Victories

33 in Succession & 25 at Group 1 Level

Relive history through Winx’s 25 Group 1 feats
Winx is the Michael Jordan of horse racing.

It is only now, 12 months after Winx’s retirement that I have a true appreciation of what an extraordinary athlete she really was. I will be forever grateful of the small role I played in her success.

Winx not only captured the imagination of the Australian public but also the world

gaining recognition for her monumental achievements. She is a great ambassador for racing and changed many people’s lives who followed her career. It was a privilege to have an involvement in this very special athlete’s life.

I had dreamt of great things for Winx, she made my dreams reality

She is a superior athlete like Roger Federer or Usain Bolt or any other superstar sports person in the world. She has that professionalism, the attitude, simply a true champion.

A once in a lifetime horse…

who’s fairytale I was lucky to be a part of. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

During my time in racing

I have been lucky enough to ride a few Champions but I’ve only ridden one Freak (Winx)!